Full Body Yes ~ I took the leap

Today is my first full day of becoming fully self-employed and it’s honestly terrifying, but who grows inside their comfort zone? That is what I keep asking myself anyway! After leaving what one would call a good salary and ‘safe’ job with every kind of corporate company benefit that you can possibly think of, I can honestly say I am petrified but also extremely excited!

Have you ever experienced a Full Body Yes? That is exactly what I experienced these past few months when deciding to go full time with what it is I love doing ~ creating and designing! As the famous saying goes, sometimes you literally just have to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, step outside of your comfort zone and learn from whatever it is that comes your way!

How I knew I was ready to take the leap from my 8 am -5 pm Corporate job, was purely down to a life of happiness and authentic meaning which was fueled by compassion. Below are just some of my thoughts which I have thought about over and over these past few months, and which have ultimately aided in my Full Body Yes Experience in pursuing my love for creating! 

I wanted a work lifestyle that allowed me to:

● Discover what is important to me, so that I can spend more time doing just that (for me this is creating)
● Recognise and empower the deeper part of myself
● Measure my success by my own happiness (this one for me was a hugely influential factor – I significantly value my time, freedom, energy, and lifestyle which in turn adds to my creative workflow when working on my business)
● Allow myself to continuously learn, upskill, develop and evolve when working

~ Something I always remind myself of is if I ever feel that fear is stopping me in my tracks, is that all I need is 20 seconds of courage. If it is then a Full Body Yes, then for the next 20 seconds do what needs to be done to get the energy flowing! 

Let me know if you have ever experienced a Full Body Yes, and if so what was it in relation to?

Hope you enjoyed and Happy Monday ~ have a fab week!

Rach x


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