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Website Design

Are you looking to create a highly functioning website to help establish and strengthen your brands online identity?

Website Redesign

Is your existing website out dated, or is it lowering the impression that your clinet/consumer is making of your brand?

Website Maintenance

Do you want you current website kept up to date, secure and running as smoothly as possible without having to do it yourself?

Website Analysis

Would you like to see what your users have been performing when they visit your site? Cool, right?

Colour Scheme Consultation

Do you need help will help choosing a colour scheme that perfectly complements your online space?

Branding Consultation

We help you become crystal clear on how you want your brand to be presented, and how you would like your clients to feel when they think of your brand.

So, How Does It Work?

Our Personalised Service Is Simple

  • 1

    Client Questionnaire

    A Client Questionnaire will be sent directly to you, giving you the opportunity to get clear on what requirements your website needs and the functionalities you'd like it to perform. This will give you a precise vision for your site.

  • 2

    One to One Consultation Call

    This free 30 minute zoom call will allow us to focus on the specifics of your site and we can also discuss the ideas you have spoke about in your questionnaire! By the end of our call I will have all the information I need to create your personalised client proposal.

  • 3


    We construct a client proposal for you, which will consist of an overview of your new site explaining every element. Once you have reviewed and approved the proposal, the fun begins and we get to start working on your website!

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    Once your site is launched, we will bring you through your new website page by page, providing you with a detailed user guide on how to handle your site in confidence! However, if you would like continued support after your site has launched, we can help! We offer web maintenance as ongoing support to keep your website up to date.

Do you have a marketable skill?

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We can help you get your business online, and reach your clients and customers.

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Website Design

Elite Web Studios creates premium, custom made websites that are highly-functional, stylish and responsive on all devices.


  • Domain and Hosting
  • Secure site to keep information safe (SSL)
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Page styling with your brand colours
  • Easy to follow user journey & intuitive design
  • Thoroughly tested
  • Functional elements such as a shop, members area, Instagram feed, booking calendar
  • Captures your target audience/user
  • Personalised with your text and images
  • Completely customised to your specifications
  • Establish a strong online presence

Website Redesign

Is your current website lowering the impression that your clients are making of your brand? Give your website a fresh new look, increase the functionality of your site and boost revenue. You can stay with your original brand colours or create a new palette to freshen it up.


  • Fix and implement responsiveness
  • Fix and implement security (SSL)
  • Increase The functionality of your site (E.g. Members Area, E-Commerce Store, Booking calendars, Contact Forms)
  • Create and improve the user journey to attract your target audience
  • Re brand
  • Improve the styling and colour scheme to fit your brands story
  • Speed the site up via optimization tools and an overall site clean up
  • Website redesign does not mean that your existing site’s information will be lost, you can keep any content you want, including your domain name and hosting and we will just elevate it all for you!

Website Maintenance

Already have a website? Perfect! Let’s make sure it’s running smoothly, it’s secure and it is kept up to date! I can also give you suggestions and tips on how your site can be improved.


  • Ensures your website is running in the most efficient and effective way for the users of your site.
  • Continuous site updates and continuously back ups to ensure it is operating at its optimal function
  • We make this option available to save you time, effort and energy
  • Tweaks to improve your site.
  • Responsiveness checks
  • Keeping plugins up to date
  • Analysis of site traffic and statistics and make suggestions to improve your site.
  • Ensure your site is continuously backed up

Website Analysis

We conduct professional audits of your current website providing you with a detailed comprehensive analysis report! On completion of the audit,  we will be able to see and measure what your users have been performing when they visit your site. Are they actually doing the actions of what your site is intended for?


  • Functionality checks and analysis
  • Site usability checks and analysis
  • User journey analysis
  • Styling analysis
  • Responsiveness checks
  • On completion of the audit, we will be able to clearly identify areas of your site that need improvements to enhance the user experience. Audits on your site can gain new customers, and improve the conversion rate of your site.

Additional Offerings

Colour Scheme Consultation

We understand how difficult it can be to choose the correct colour scheme for your site! We offer a full colour scheme consultation to help you establish the best colour scheme for your very own Online Space! Choosing the correct colour scheme for your brand is probably more important than you would first think! Colour Schemes boost brand recognition by almost 80%,  while 85 % of consumers claimed that a brands colour scheme has a major influence on what they buy! This consultation will help you discover the colour scheme that perfectly complements your online space.


  • The importance of colour psychology
  • The current colour trends
  • Demographic colour statistics
  • Visual and physiological effects of your colour choice
  • Colour design theories.
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Branding Consultation

Simply, branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your company with what people actually do think about your company. We offer a branding consultation option that will help you become crystal clear on how you want your brand to be presented and more importantly how you would like your users to feel when they think of your specific brand!


  • Defining your target avatar
  • Positioning your product/service
  • Defining your brands personality
  • Determine your brands identity (logo and other visual design elements, tone of voice, etc.) that best suits your business and your unique story.

Our Services are Available Globally

Wherever you are, wherever we are, it doesn't make a difference! Elite Web Studios prides itself in working online from anywhere in the world, we will work to suit our clients timezone wherever it is that you may be located!


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