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My Solo Trip

SOLO TRAVELLING! Yes, I did take myself on a solo trip and yes it was so fun! Look at my video below of my trip!

So last month I decided to go solo traveling and booked a flight to Lisbon, Portugal! I can’t even begin to explain how liberating it is to take yourself away on a solo trip. What I thought wasn’t too big of a deal, to others seemed to like it was? As I posted stories throughout my solo trip the number of people who have since messaged me, both lads and girls, to say that they would love to do it but they are afraid of going alone, fear of being embarrassed that they are alone, or are simply just scared to travel solo. Really, you meet such amazing solo travelers from every corner of the world, who are all just doing exactly what you are! 🥰

Travelling Solo can seem scary, but it does not have to be something you’re scared of doing, instead embrace it, look inward and become your own best friend on your travels. That’s what I did – and let me tell you it was badly needed. My Solo Trip highlighted how capable I am of literally handling any situation that ever comes my way; be it expected or unexpected – everything will be just fine ☀️✈️

🤙🏽 Let’s please MAKE IT COOL to do these things on your own and do it for yourself, because it’s honestly the most awakening experience. I really want to help break the stigma that you can’t do these things by yourself, for yourself? Let’s stop waiting for your partner or your friends and go do it on your own. Let me tell you that you can take yourself on a solo trip and it will teach you so many beautiful lessons along the way.

I took myself for dinner, drank plenty of coffee on my own, went for a sunrise swim on my own, forced myself to do some tourist spots 🤣 and met some of the coolest people ever! It was simple but wholesome.

Take yourself on a little solo trip, I promise you will not regret it. Have a look at a snippet of my solo travels, and let me know when you decide to book your solo trip 😀

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